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Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) is the BEST when it comes to protecting your vehicle's paint. Its near invisible appearance makes makes it much more attractive than earlier versions of the product. PPF (Paint Protection Film) is made of a urethane material in the form of film that will take the beating of everyday driving. You can say goodbye to things like rock chips, bug etchings, bird droppings, tree sap, and more that would normally harm your vehicle's paint. It's the ONLY guaranteed way to stop scratches from getting to the paint surface.


Fisher Detailing uses STEK DYNOshield Paint Protection Film. The clarity is unmatched by any other brands. DYNOshield comes with a top-coated film. Their nano-glass top coat is bonded to the film at a molecular level during manufacturing virtually eliminating the need for waxes or after-market top coatings. DYNOshield is unique in the market because of STEK's combination of an extremely hydrophobic top coating plus self-healing properties for correction of light surface scratches. Their top coat combined with UV-resistant anti-yellowing adhesives results in extreme clarity and gloss plus improved puncture resistance.

DYNOshielf Specifications

  • Glossy Finish

  • Hydrophobic (Advanced water repelling properties

  • Anti-Contamination (Easy to remove contaminants)

  • Stain Resistant

  • Fast Recovery Self-Healing (by heat or hot water)

DYNOshield paint protection film is warrantied for 10 Years against delamination, yellowing, bubbling and cracking.

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