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Paint Correction

Gloss Enhancement

Our Gloss Enhancement Package aims at polishing the paint in large sections with the sole purpose of improving gloss, clarity and depth of color. This is perfect for people who do not need much to bring their paint back to life or just want a little more pop before having protection applied.

Single Step correction

The Single Step paint correction is focused on polishing the paint in smaller sections to achieve better results. We sample a variety a pads and polishes to see which one will correct the most in one step. This is perfect for removing light to medium swirls in the paint.

Multi-Step Correction

The Multi-Step Correction compounds the paint in small sections to remove heavy paint defects. After this step, the paint if refined with a final polish to remove any residual hazing caused from the previous step. The final polish restores the paint to a high gloss and deep shine.

If you're interested in our paint enhancement services, click the button and you will be redirected to our contact form.

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